Recruiting the Future Enlisted Force of the All-Volunteer Army

  • September 01, 2014
  • Colonel Frances A. Hardison

The Army screens potential enlisted recruits against a baseline series of standards to assess their moral suitability for military service. Additionally, the Army claims it inculcates its soldiers with the Army values, thereby instilling high standards of moral character and personal conduct. However, recent cases suggest there has been a breakdown of moral character within the enlisted ranks. Does the Army need a better set of tools and standards to assess the moral suitability of its enlisted soldiers? This SRP first examines the current enlistment standards and assessment methods to determine if they are adequate screening tools for assessing candidates’ moral suitability to serve in today’s Army. The SRP then considers other tools that could be useful in the accession process along with the Army’s Tailored Personality Assessment System. Next, it describes screening methods used in private industry. The SRP concludes with a recommendation for enhanced moral screening to ensure that our all-volunteer Army remains the best trained and most professional fighting force in the world.