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Parameters VOL. 45 NO. 1 Spring 2015

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Fighting the “Islamic State”: The Case for US Ground Forces by David E. Johnson Megacities: Pros and Cons by Kevin M. Felix, Frederick D. Wong, Michael Evans, William G. Adamson Culture and the US Army by Matthew Morton, Charles D.…

SOLLIMS Sampler – Multinational Operations

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This edition of the SOLLIMS Sampler focuses on “multinational operations” – presenting a number of lessons learned from the SOLLIMS database from recent peacekeeping and stability operations, and developing common threads and recommendations for future operations

Transformation and Strategic Surprise

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The current process of military transformation will enable the Armed Forces to do better what they already do superbly well. It is important to excel at decisive maneuver and in the application of precise, yet overwhelming firepower. But those attributes,…