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Parsing Chinese-Russian Military Exercises

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China and Russia have engaged in an increasing number of joint exercises in recent years. These drills aim to help them deter and, if necessary, defeat potential threats, such as Islamist terrorists trying to destabilize a Central Asian government, while…

Parameters VOL. 44 NO 4 WINTER 2014-15

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Asia Pacific: Reassessing China by David Lai, Thomas M. Kane, Timothy L. Thomas, Christopher Bowen Johnston Middle East: Defeating the Islamic State by Huba Wass de Czege, Paul Rexton Kan A War Examined: Gaza 2014 by Eitan Shamir, Eado Hecht,…

U.S. Army and the Asia-Pacific

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The United States has key economic and security interests in the Asia-Pacific region. In recent decades, the Asia-Pacific has experienced rapid economic growth, a wave of democratization, and the emergence of a web of regional and sub regional multilateral institutions.…