School of Strategic Landpower

The School of Strategic Landpower’s educational programs (resident and distance) develop strategic leaders by providing a strong foundation of wisdom, grounded in mastery of the profession of arms, and by serving as a crucible for educating future leaders in the analysis, evaluation, and refinement of professional expertise in war, strategy, operations, national security, resource management, and responsible command.

Communication Campaigning: Primer for Senior Leaders

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Traditional approaches to strategic communication have focused on a single leader’s ability to influence stakeholders and other audiences through exceptional communication skills. But there is much more to it. What about the content of the message? How well does the…

Campaign Planning Handbook AY19

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The purpose of this document is to assist United States Army War College students during the Theater Strategy and Campaigning (TSC) course. It also serves to assist commanders, planners, and other staff officers in combatant commands (CCMD), joint task forces…

The Breaking Point: The All-Volunteer Force

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In the strategic environment of the 21st Century, the United States (U.S.) must plan and prepare for potential major conflict against a near peer adversary. Simultaneously, the U.S. must calculate its ability to confront a near peer adversary while also…

Nevertheless, She Persisted…Parity in National Security

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Diversity of thought and perspective is paramount in finding smart solutions to tough real-world problems. Research shows positive effects of a diverse workforce to include optimized decision-making, innovation, agility and organizational morale. This kind of problem solving is critical to…

Selecting the Right Leaders for Mission Command

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The nation is counting on the Army to select and promote the right strategic leaders on active duty, in the Army Reserve, and in the Army National Guard components who effectively employ the mission command principles. The future security environment…