Preventing and Managing Conflict in an Unstable World Authored by: PKSOI Interns. May 01, 2014

PKSOI Intern Anthology consisting of articles related to Peacekeeping and Stability Operations topics that include: The Peace, Stability, Irregular Warfare Research Project (PSI), The International Forum for the Challenges of Peace Operations Research Project, Army Training for Peace and Stability Activities, Protection of Civilians, United Nations Case Studies,

Understanding the North Korea Problem: Why It Has Become the "Land of Lousy Options" Authored by: COL William A Boik. July 01, 2011

This monograph provides a timely analysis and thoughtful insights into the challenges faced by the United States in developing a strategy for North Korea. The author examines the complex history of U.S. policy toward North Korea over the last decade that has left the United States in a position of having virtually no influence over the country. He addresses the complicated regional concerns and interests of North Korea’s neighbors and how these concerns impact on each of their approaches to North Korea. Most importantly, he looks at how the North Korean culture and history have influenced the attitudes of North Korean society and their relationship with other countries. He concludes by pointing out that despite the numerous challenges, the United States must develop a strategy focused on engaging Pyongyang if we expect to have any influence over the future direction of events in North Korea.

Toward a NATO of the Gulf? The Challenges of Collective Defense Within the GCC Authored by: Dr Jean-Loup Samaan. September 28, 2017

Although collective security in the Gulf is the topic of numerous policy publications, most of the available literature focuses on the political environment without considering the operational requirements of this scenario. This monograph offers an evaluation of Gulf defense cooperation programs in order to stir the discussion on the future of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as the “NATO of the Gulf.”

Peace & Stability Journal, Volume 7, Issue 2 Edited by: Mister Robert C Browne. October 12, 2017

Welcome to the most recent issue of the PKSOI Peace & Stability Journal. In this edition the PKSOI Director Colonel Gregory Dewitt will introduce the articles of the Journal, go over the past three months of PKSOI's activities and also brief you on the upcoming major activities and events. This journal features articles from PKSOI Subject Matter Experts in their respective fields and also include articles from PKSOI interns. The feature is from PSKOI intern Abdullah Rumman.

Stability Operations in Haiti 2010: A Case Study Authored by: Emma Vialpando. March 31, 2017

The stability operation in Haiti from January 14 to June 1, 2010 demonstrated how over a dozen U.S. Government departments and agencies worked together effectively in an unprecedented large-scale foreign humanitarian assistance/disaster relief (FHA/DR) effort. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, precipitated the operation. The Haiti action, known within the U.S. military as Operation UNIFIED RESPONSE, was not only a whole-of-government, but also a whole-of-nation and global undertaking. The United States played a significant role in the Haiti earthquake relief effort in collaboration with more than 140 countries and over 1,000 non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Parameters Winter 2016-17, Vol. 46 No. 4 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. December 01, 2016

Special Commentary The Army's Identity Crisis by Gates Brown Toward Strategic Solvency Ensuring Effective Military Voice by William E. Rapp The Crisis of American Military Primacy and the Search for Strategic Solvency by Hal Brands and Eric Edelman Are Our Strategic Models Flawed? Faith in War: The American Roots of Global Conflict by Gregory A. Daddis Solving America's Gray-Zone Puzzle by Isaiah Wilson III and Scott Smitson Strategic Uncertainty, the Third Offset, and US Grand Strategy by Ionut C. Popescu Ends + Ways + Means = (Bad) Strategy by Jeffrey W. Meiser Regional Issues in Asia Turning It Up to Eleven: Belligerent Rhetoric in North Korea's Propaganda by Mason Richey Foreign Military Education as PLA Soft Power by John S. Van Oudenaren and Benjamin E. Fisher

Parameters VOL. 46 NO. 3 AUTUMN 2016 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. September 30, 2016

Special Commentary: Rebalancing Offshore Balancing Michael G. Roskin Adapting to Strategic Change Brian McAllister Linn, J. P. Clark, Charles Hornick, Daniel Burkhart, and Dave Shunk Myths about the Army Profession Don M. Snider, C. Anthony Pfaff On Strategic Communications Today James P. Farwell and Darby J. Arakelian Christopher Paul Gideon Avidor and Russell W. Glenn

Parameters VOL. 46 NO. 2 SUMMER 2016 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. June 01, 2016

Special Commentary: Prospects for Peace: The View from Beijing Jacqueline N. Deal Russian Military Power Tor Bukkvoll, Bettina Renz Challenges in Asia Michael A. Spangler, Jin H. Pak War: Theory and Practice Christopher H. Tuck Paul R. Norwood, Benjamin M. Jensen, and Justin Barnes

Parameters VOL. 46 NO. 1 SPRING 2016 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. April 01, 2016

Special Commentary: Making Sense of the “Long Wars” Tami Davis Biddle US Leadership and NATO Luis Simón, Alexander Mattelaer, John R. Deni, Magnus Petersson Is Nation-Building a Myth? Charles J. Sullivan, M. Chris Mason Learning from Today’s Wars Ben Nimmo, Roger N. McDermott, Erik W. Goepner

Parameters VOL. 45 NO. 4 WINTER 2015-16 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. March 30, 2016